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Preservation Services


We provide an economical yet effective solutions in keeping your asset performing at its finest. We deliver a total preservation services, from the regular periodic preventive maintenance to a complete refurbishment of your expensive investment, at a significantly better price than having to buy brand new replacement asset. Your monthly time and cost to manage people and spares is saved. With us, you pay only what you need, when you need it.

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Rotorniaga Services


A systematic approach towards periodic maintenance and upkeep system, with computerized record keeping without jeopardizing physical maintenance quality.


A strategic problem fixing approach, from analyzing issues to eliminating root cause completely, while keeping repair work as efficient as possible to reduce downtime.


A way of prolonging asset’s life by replacing, after some long operation time, its internal parts with OEM kits using common and special tools, thus maintaining the equipment’s peak performance.


A full major maintenance including all of the above and replacement of worn out or rusty parts, blasting/painting and everything else that is necessary to turn an aged asset into an almost new equipment.


An effort to bridge old equipment with new industry standards and regulations, applying it to the assets with a goal to ensure its relevance to be used in the modern field, meeting all required standards and requirement.